Data Privacy
Countdown to Horbury Show 2022
The Horbury Show 2022 Countdown

Please see our Data Consent Form which we need anyone applying for a pitch or to undertake any activity at the Show  to complete.

Our Commitments:

Personal Information will be held by the Show Chairman, the Commercial Manager, the Show Webmaster and the Club Treasurer. When we use your information, we do so either with your consent or by taking into account our other Legitimate Interests in managing the Show. We believe that we have commitments to those who lawfully provide such information: 

  1. to process it fairly and lawfully;
  2. to use it only in connection with the holding of the annual Horbury Show and we will only use it to communicate with you with regard to the Show and successive annual shows;
  3. not to disclose such information to anyone else without your express consent. In particular we will not provide the information to enable anyone else to use it for marketing or advertising purposes;
  4. to try and ensure your information is accurate and kept up to date - but to do this we ask you to make sure you update us;
  5. not to hold the information for any longer than necessary so that if you ask us in writing to delete or remove the information we hold on you, we will; and
  6. to protect your personal information whether stored electronically or otherwise.

We have risk assessed the data we are likely to store relating to the persons providing it. We believe that the nature of the information held is limited and that the purposes for which we hold and process it, are limited as well. We consider the harm that can be caused by the imparting of this information is low. We will however take all reasonable steps to ensure that data is protected. 

What we ask of you:

  1. That you agree to us using your information so that we may to contact you about the Horbury Show which you have applied to attend and with regard to future annual shows.
  2. That you will contact us in writing (including email):
    1. if you do not want us to get in touch with you about future annual Shows, or
    2. if you wish us to remove your details from our records and/or
    3. to keep us informed of any changes in names, addresses or contact details.
  3. That where you supply information or data on behalf of another business, charity, group or other people that you have it or their agreement to do so
  4. Please note that we provide and manage the Show on a “not for profit” basis and as volunteers with a view to benefitting charity and the community. Although this does not remove obligations which we may legally have, we believe it is fair to ask that anyone dealing with us takes this situation fully into account.

If you have any concerns please contact us by following the "contact us" link on our website. You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at any time –

Other Privacy Issues

  • The Show website/Facebook page/Twitter feed/Instagram account contains photographs of crowds or groups of people. We do not want to offend or cause harm or upset. We will display notices in our Show programme and around Carr Lodge park on the day of the Show advising that photographs may be taken and may be published.
  • Any photographer working on behalf of the Show will be identifiable as being linked to the Show/the Club; we cannot however prevent other people from using cameras, smartphones or tablets to take photographs which they may then transfer to social media.
  • Where we are requested to remove photographs or similar from our website/Facebook page/Twitter feed/Instagram account we will review the photograph and respond to you. We may obscure faces to hide identities etc. Where Children are the subject of a photograph we will endeavour to obtain parental consent. We only intend for our photographs to portray the spirit and atmosphere of the event. We recognize that people may intentionally or unintentionally feature in these photographs. Please consider the Photographs in the spirit they are intended.