Space Applications


Sunday 30th June 2019

11 am to 4.30 pm

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The Rotary Club of Horbury & Ossett Phoenix

on behalf of

The Rotary Club of Horbury & Ossett Phoenix Trust Fund

registered charity

number 1042627


Show Date & Times

The forms for the 2018 Show are now available and you can download:

• Show Application Form and Show Terms (a combined document)

• The Show Terms for you to retain
• Data Consent Form – please refer also to the section headed Data Privacy
• Risk Assessment Form

Please follow the instructions on the application form and send the signed application form, Data Consent Form and Risk Assessment to the address shown on the application form. Please also send the pitch fee payment and a stamped self addressed envelope

We have kept our charges for the 2018 Show at the same level as the last two years. They are calculated according to metre of frontage for what we class as standard pitches:
• Charity / public information services pitch - £7.50 per metre
• Trade pitch - £15.00 per metre
• Commercial attractions + pitches with greater depth than 4 metres - by negotiation

Please note:
(1) the minimum pitch frontage is 4 metres - 13 feet. To ensure best use of space, a standard pitch on the above charges has a depth of no more than 4 metres + one vehicle. Pitch location may mean that the vehicle cannot be parked immediately adjacent to the pitch
(2) Exclusive franchises will be in place – the sales of food and drink / alcohol (Bar) / confectionery / ice cream / fairground attractions are restricted at the Show. Anyone wishing to sell or provide any of these items / undertake activities must first contact the Commercial Manager before applying
(3) A pitch fee is only refundable at our absolute discretion but in any event will not be refunded for non-attendance at the Show or cancellation within 14 days of the show.

We explain under Data Privacy why we hold personal information on stall holders and the limited way in which we use that information. In particular we will use your contact details to get in touch with regard to future Horbury Shows. As explained in Data Privacy you can ask us not to do so or to remove your information at any time.

Thank you.

Horbury Show Commercial Manager